HealOzone – New technology for the pain free treatment of dental decay

What is Ozone?

Ozone is a form of oxygen. It is an atmospheric protection against harmful sunlight and present in the air we breathe.

What is Ozone used for?

Ozone is a powerful oxidizing agent, which has been widely used over the past 40 years to purify water systems. Ozone is a natural biocide, which effectively kills bacteria, viruses and fungi within seconds. It is used in various areas including hospitals and public places to control infections and smells. Due to its bactericidal, fungicidal and virostatic properties Ozone is used widely in disinfecting wounds.

The HealOzone technology utilises the direct application of Ozone to the decayed tooth surface in a controlled manner, and is capable of potentially reversing caries. Tooth decay is the process where teeth rot and crumble away due to an attack of acid. Initially the acid dissolves the minerals from the tooth surface, creating a porous lesion capable of harbouring bacteria. If left untreated, the acid strips away the hard outer layer of the tooth (enamel) and penetrates the softer inner layer (dentine). If this is allowed to proceed it results in dental decay. The acid is a product of naturally occurring bacteria that adheres to the tooth surface, which uses sugar in our diet as food.

How does Ozone work?

Ozone works by identifying and breaking up the cell walls of the bacteria, viruses and fungi, and breaking up sulphur compounds into non-smelling compounds.

What are the advantages?

No need for anaesthetic by injection

No drilling

No long treatment sessions

How can Ozone help my teeth?

HealOzone uses a special hand piece, with a soft plastic cup, to apply Ozone onto the decayed area of a tooth. It is a short, simple and painless procedure. There are no injections, drilling or tooth amputation necessary, so no damage to your tooth. Ozone kills the acid-producing bacteria that grow out of control and cause decay. Once these bacteria have been eliminated from the local area a special liquid mineral is put on the cleaned area of decay. This encourages the tooth’s remineralising process. We also recommend a special toothpaste and mouth rinse to encourage the tooth to continue healing. These products contain all the essential minerals that your body needs to repair decay.

How do I know that the treatment has worked?

You will need to return to the practice after 2-3 months, in most cases, or sooner, if recommended, to check that the lesion is healing. The research shows that in over 80% of cases, the decay has stopped or reversed.

How much does it cost?

For information on the cost of HealOzone treatment please refer to our price list.

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