Implant treatment carried out in our practice is very advanced and demanding in modern dentistry. For implants to function properly good oral hygiene is paramount. Even if oral hygiene is maintained to the highest standard at home this is still not enough. It is necessary for professional profilaxy (dental examination and cleaning) to be carried out at least every 6 months.

Our mouths change during our lifetime. As a result, even the best prosthetic appliances (implants, crowns, bridges and dentures) will not maintain the same ‘fit’ over a 12 month period. Due to natural physiological changes these appliances will no longer fit your mouth as well as they originally did. Removable appliances such as dentures need to be adjusted at least every 2 years to fit your changing mouth. Dentures also need to be exchanged every 4-5 years due to the growth of bacteria and fungal infections. Lack of equal pressure on your dentures on your palette provokes unequal pressure on your implants. Permanent appliances such as crowns and bridges need to be exchanged every 10-15 years.

Lack of, or incorrect oral hygiene, as well as unbalanced pressure on implants provokes inflammation of the tissue around an implant (peri-implantitis). As a result of this your implant will fail. To avoid peri-implantitis permanent co-operation with the dental surgery is crucial. This co-operation needs to be considered as part of your treatment, with regular ongoing check ups and cleaning.

Please be advised that any post treatment/operative dental check ups and cleaning are chargeable and are not included in the price of your dental appliance. Should you choose not to attend the advised dental check ups and cleaning appointments, the warranty for your dental appliance will become invalid.