What is Icon treatment?

Icon treatment can remove white spot lesions from teeth. Lesions infiltrated by Icon take on the appearance of the surrounding healthy enamel, providing an aesthetic alternative to more invasive treatments like veneers. Teeth whitening treatments or toothpastes will not remove or hide lesions.

How is Icon treatment carried out?

If necessary the affected teeth are slightly separated with dental wedges. The surface area of the lesion is eroded with a gel. This opens the pore system of the lesion body. The pore system is then dried with ethanol. Icon is then applied onto the lesion body. The extremely high penetration of the Icon resin enables it to penetrate into the lesion pores. Excess material is then removed and the material is light cured. The total treatment time per lesion is approximately 15 minutes. There is no drilling or anaesthetic required.

How can I book an appointment for treatment?

Patients who wish to have Icon treatment at our practice will first of all need to have an initial examination with our dentist. This is to establish if you will be a suitable candidate for this particular treatment. Once the dentist has confirmed that the treatment will be suitable, a further appointment will be scheduled to carry out the treatment itself. You can view the prices of our different treatments here.

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