We provide dental scans to patients upon referral throughout Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire, Lincolnshire and Leicestershire

A & D Dental offers very competitive prices on a range of scans including CBCT, Magic Panoral, TMJ LAT and TMJ PA, Sinus LAT and Sinus PA, and Cephalometric. Our Nottingham city centre location is ideal for those travelling by car or public transport, with the Victoria Centre shopping mall just a few metres away.

We also offer convenient weekday appointment times. Our top of the range scanning system produces high quality images in just minutes. This means that you and your patient get the results you need fast.

Our Green16 scanner is an advanced 4-in-1 digital X-ray imaging system that incorporates PANO, CEPH, and CBCT. It provides high quality images with lower radiation by combining imaging processing. This will improve your diagnostic accuracy with increased treatment planning and patient satisfaction.

Our new generation ‘Green16’ scanning equipment provides high image quality with low dose radiation. Even with lower x-ray dosage we still achieve clinically diagnosable image quality to an excellent standard. Scans are taken quickly, reducing the time required for patients to stand motionless.

Cephalometric scans take 1.9 seconds

CBCT scans take 4.9 seconds

Panoramic scans take 7.0 seconds

Dental Scan Ltd Services

Full arch or single arch CBCT scans
TMJ LAT open or closed
cephalometric lateral
endo and single implant 5×5 scans
TMJ PA open or closed
full lateral or PA
magic panoral
sinus LAT or PA
CD copies of scans including software available on request


Green16 allows users to select from a range of field of views. This option allows us to minimise exposure to only the area of interest. The size of the FOV is selected based on the particular diagnostic need:

16×9 – Suitable for diagnostics regarding the sinus and TMJ.

12×9 – Covers the full arch.

8×9 – Basic FOV for selection of left, right or centre of arch.

5×5 – Mainly used for endodontic treatment or implant surgery. Covers 3-4 teeth through capturing ROI.

The area of choice can be full arch region, sinus or left or right TMJ. These options are suitable for most oral procedures as well as different surgeries. Green16 can also measure airway volume.


Jewellery, dentures, crowns and other metal artifacts can hinder visualisation and reduce diagnostic confidence in CT scans. ART-V is an ‘Artifact Reduction Technology’ designed by Vatech which allows us the possibility to reduce the interferance from these items in an image.


Green16 has very quick and easy to operate ‘Easy Dental 3D’ imaging software, EZ-3Di. The program provides a wide variety of functions designed to streamline the dental workflow. The software has an easy to use interface which has simple diagnostic simulation and consultation tools. A basic version of this software will come included on your CD copy of patient scans.


High quality visual record
Smart clipping
One click section


3 step implant simulation
Top down implant simulation
Implant collision detection


Implant clipping
3D bone density
EZ Codi

EZ-3Di provides a powerful function for airway volume analysis. The information is detailed and accurate, and can be used to diagnose and/or plan treatment for patients with sleep disorders (for example sleep apnea). The powerful visualisation tool provides the possibility to measure the airway and also display in 3D:

Simple airway selection allowing users to define the airway region.
Automatic airway volume measurement shows airway in colour code, and automatically calculates the airway’s volume and minimum cross selection area.

EZ-3Di can provide a simultaneous analysis for both TMJ, giving the user the possibility for quick diagnosis of TMJ disorders, chronic sinusitis and cholesteatoma.

How to Make a Referral

Please fill in the form below and a member of our team will be in touch to organise a referral. Please be aware that only qualified medical practitioners can refer a patient for a CT Scan at Smart Dental Scan Ltd.

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