Guide to our Fees

We pride ourselves on being able to offer our patients high quality dental treatment at affordable prices. The prices below are an indication of fees. You will notice that some treatments do not have a set price. This is because in some cases the materials used and complexity of treatment can vary. Our dentist can give you a definitive price for any treatment once an initial dental examination has been carried out. All treatment prices include the use of local anaesthetic where required. Our practice is happy to accept patients who are members of Denplan. New patients must pay for their first examination appointment up front to secure a booking. Please note that we are a private dental practice and can not offer free or discounted treatment to NHS patients. 


*Normally dentures are provided within 5-6 weeks.

Examination: Quote based on your location (please contact the practice)
White Fillings (Amalgam free): From £420.00
Scaling and Polishing: From £370.00
Extractions: From £420.00
Denture Repairs: From £180.00

Wisdom Tooth Extraction (upper jaw) From £420.00
Wisdom Tooth Extraction (lower jaw) From £470.00

Crown: From £950.00

X-ray: £25.00

Standard Dentures
Full Set (upper and lower): From £995.00
Upper or Lower or Partial: From £850.00

Premium Dentures
Full Set (upper and lower): From £1700.00
Upper or Lower or Partial: From £1250.00

‘High Impact’ Dentures
Full Set (upper and lower): From £2150.00
Upper or Lower or Partial: From £1450.00


New Patient Dental Examination: £65.00
New Children’s Dental Examination: £55.00
Existing Patient Dental Examination: £55.00
Existing Children’s Dental Examination: up to 8 years old £55.00, 8 -18 years old £55.00
Emergency Consultation: £75.00
Second Opinion: £75.00


X-ray: £25.00
Bitewings (4 X-rays): £55.00
Radiovisiograph X-ray: £25.00

CT Scan: Price varies based on size of scan. All scans carried out on site at our practice.



Laughing Gas (nitrous oxide): £82.00/per session up to 30 minutes


Scaling and Micro-polishing (20-30 minutes with dentist): From £84.00
Fluoridation with Foam (all teeth): £54.00


White Fillings (Amalgam free): £150.00 – £280.00

24 Carat Gold Filling: From £555.00
Icon Treatment: From £135.00
Temporary Acrylic Crown: £140.00
Re-cement Crown: From £80.00
Post and Core (metal): £215.00

Crown (porcelain bonded): From £600.00
Bridge (porcelain bonded): From £600.00 per unit
LAVA (full ceramic crown or bridge): From £770.00
Gold Crown: From £770.00
Gold and Porcelain Crown: From £870.00


In-Surgery Teeth Whitening (Zoom 2): from £300.00

Home Teeth Whitening (complete kit with made-to-measure trays and home whitening materials): £140.00-£300.00


Endodontic Assessment: £69.00

Root Canal Treatment (1 root): £400.00

Root Canal Treatment (2 roots): £450.00

Root Canal Treatment (3 roots): £520.00

Root Canal Treatment (4 roots): £730.00

Canal Treatment ‘RE-ENDO’: £1220.00-£1770.00


Surgical Assessment: £69.00

Standard Extraction: £130.00-£210.00

Extraction Wisdom Tooth Upper: From £320.00

Extraction Wisdom Tooth Lower: From £370.00

Microsurgery Apex Resection (per tooth): £1202.00

Radectomy: £982.00

Laser Frenectomy: £322.00

Oral Biopsy (excluding private histology charged at £282.00): From £377.00
Application of PRF during procedure: £300.00


Implant Assessment: £69.00

CT Scan: £220.00

GBR (bone regeneration): Individually priced


Orthodontic Assessment: £69.00
 Invisalign Planning Examination: £105.00

Invisalign Upper or Lower: £2100.00

Invisalign Upper and Lower: £3425.00

Myobrace: £400.00-£600.00

Orthodontic Control Examination for Myobrace (every month): £69.00

DENTURES – made in our on-site laboratory

Full Set Of Ivocap Base Dentures (upper and lower): from £1800.00

Full Set Of Acrylic Dentures (upper and lower): From £950.00

One Set Of Acrylic Dentures (either upper or lower): from £750.00

Partial Acrylic Denture: from £450.00

Chrome And Acrylic Dentures: from £1100.00

Denture Repair: from £95.00

Denture Relining (chair side): £210.00

Denture Relining (laboratory): £240.00

Adding Tooth To Existing Denture: £105.00


*Price of treatment for permanent teeth same as charge for adults*

Children’s Dental Examination: £49.00

Existing Patient Dental Examination: up to 8 years old £36.00, 8-18 years old £45.00

3 Month Contact Fluoridation: £31.00

Fluoridation with Foam (all teeth): £52.00

Ozonotherapy (HealOzone): baby teeth £172.00

mix teeth £229.00
 permanent dentition £282.00

one tooth £32.80 + £15.20 cup

White Filling Baby Tooth (+Wand anaesthetic): £177.00

Twinky Star Filling Baby Tooth (+Wand anaesthetic): £232.00

Extraction Of Baby Tooth (+Wand anaesthetic): from £109.00

Cancellation Policy

Our practice operates a late cancellation and missed appointments policy. Failure to provide us with 48 hours advance notice, or failure to present for a scheduled appointment, will result in a cancellation or no show fee. This fee will equate to £1 per minute of clinical time lost.