At Acrylic Dent laboratory we offer the latest dental technologies available. Below are all of the services that we provide.

Dentures 1-3 teeth
Dentures 4-8 teeth
Dentures 9-14 teeth
Chrome Cobalt Dentures
Full Upper
Bar Denture
Full Lower
Full Upper and Lower
Copy Denture
Denture Repair
Each Additional Tooth
Lingual Bar Addition
Metal Mesh Addition
Fiber Glass Mesh Addition
Clear Palate
Night Guard
Essex Retainer

Bleaching Tray
Contouring and Stippling Characterisation of dentures (rugae), labial buccal carving and colouring
Hard Reline
Soft Reline
Metal Clasp
Special Tray
Wax Bite Block
Cleaning Denture
Study Models
Duplicate Models
Express Charge

Pricing Information

For information on prices for our services please call or email us to receive an up-to-date price list